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VarySysDB Disease Edition (VaDE) version 1.2 was released.

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We released VarySysDB Disease Edition (VaDE) version 1.2.

  • New URL is http://bmi-tokai.jp/VaDE/.
  • Released genome browser and supported Japanese language.
  • Data update: Add association data of hypertention and rheumatoid arthritis that is manually curated by our team.
  • Enhancements: Enhanced record click function to show detail information, search system, categorized trait search system, and inner-links.
  • Bug fixes: Fixed outer-link URL.

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Towards genome-based medicine

In our laboratory starting on October 2012, we aimed to study on bioinformatics and comparative genomics including human genomes towards the genome-based medicine. For this purposes, we are working on various projects including endogenous hepatitis C virus (HCV)-induced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), retrovirus databases, evolution of multigene families (Fox, IFNL, IFNT, etc).

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